A Pinch of Science, A Dash of Culture, and a Whole Lot of Flavors! : “Masala Lab” from “Krish Ashok” is a Must-have in Every Modern Indian Kitchen

Wok this Way Even though summarising what the book offers in terms of advice is no piece of cake, here are some generalized guidelines that I hope will help draw a decent picture of what’s on the plate. All these below-mentioned tips have the single purpose of making delicious, flavourful dishes in a quick, easy, […]

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Existentialism In Young Adult Fiction – The Great Perhaps In ‘looking For Alaska’ By John Green

Looking for Alaska (novel) John Green

“The Great Perhaps, or ”Existentialism, in ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green **This article contains spoilers from the book ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. You have been warned.** The movement began in the 1940s and 1950s, heralded by Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger, and Friedrich Nietzsche, primarily in France. It emerged as a reaction to […]

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