Literature of the Indian Diaspora: Exploring its Socio-cultural Importance and Authors Who Popularised It

Literature of the Indian Diaspora

What is Indian Diasporic Literature? Delve into this essay where we decode the importance of the literature of the Indian diaspora and highlight some of the authors who popularised it. In today’s cosmopolitan world, diaspora writing has occupied the centre stage in establishing a connection between an individual, along with their cultures, and the country. […]

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10 Classic English Short Stories on Love to Read

Brokeback Mountain

The ten traditional English short stories on love will show you the enduring charm of love, and the depth of love in all its manifestations is captured in these tales.  We are asleep until we fall in love!” These words were written by Leo Tolstoy in his literary masterpiece, War and Peace (1869). Literature has […]

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