5 Books To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

5 Books to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Celebrations of the Turkey Holiday, or what we call Thanksgiving, spread across the globe on 23rd November this year. It is not a surprise that it is celebrated across the planet at various intercontinental zones. Be it the United States, Grenada, Liberia or Norfolk Island in the Australian Territory, Thanksgiving marks a significant end to […]

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10 Horror Novels for Adults to Enjoy Throughout the Year

10 Horror Novels for Adults

These 10 horror books are full of malignant dark forces, both psychological and supernatural. They guarantee you – all adults – Halloween’s chills all year round. Imagine feeling the spooky Halloween excitement not just on October 31st but all year round. We’ve got a list of 10 scary books that keep you hooked, no matter […]

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10 Best Book-to-Screen Adaptations of 2023

Best Book to Screen Adaptations 2023

Dive into the 10 best book-to-screen adaptations in 2023 that have left readers and cinephiles impressed alike 2023 has been one for the Hollywood history books! We’ve seen two major strikes, both of which continued for well over 100 days. The Writers Guild of America called off its strike on 24th September–after 146 days of […]

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Top 5 Book-to-Screen Adaptations by David Fincher

David Fincher's Book-to-Screen Adaptations

Here, the author embarks on a journey through the top 5 book-to-screen adaptations by the famous director, David Fincher, that have not only breathed life into beloved novels but also left an enduring impact on the realms of film and storytelling. David Fincher, a name synonymous with visionary filmmaking, has left an indelible mark on […]

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