10 Best Book-to-Screen Adaptations of 2023

Best Book to Screen Adaptations 2023

Dive into the 10 best book-to-screen adaptations in 2023 that have left readers and cinephiles impressed alike 2023 has been one for the Hollywood history books! We’ve seen two major strikes, both of which continued for well over 100 days. The Writers Guild of America called off its strike on 24th September–after 146 days of […]

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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo (Review): From the Profane to the Sublime, This French Classic of the 19th Century is a Must-Read

Les Misérables

In Les Misérables, the beginning isn’t the beginning. It’s a digression from a digression. In this review, the author considers the ideas generated by the novel, which are, otherwise, difficult to narrow down into specific themes. Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, affectionately called The Brick by fans, was first published in 1862. Widely considered to be […]

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